How to support colleagues and implement cultural change to enable digital delivery in Government organisations

Delivery teams across government are working hard on exciting new projects as well as supporting existing systems and applications. In many organisations, alongside this core delivery activity, they have also been exploring transformative work to:

Delivering this will be a…

I jumped out of bed yesterday, forgot to eat anything and rushed to my first HIIT spinning class in 15 months. It was going ok but 30 mins in, just after the most intense part of the class, I wasn’t feeling great. I stopped and sat down…next thing I know, I’m surrounded by paramedics. So ye, an eventful Saturday! S/O to the staff at the gym and the ambulance/hospital folk ❤️

Eid Mubarak 🧕🏽🕋

On Tuesday I celebrated Eid Al-Adha. This was the first post-Covid restrictions and it was nice to have that feeling of a community again, as people gathered in the…

I took a much-needed break last week. I received one of those emails from HR asking everyone to check their holiday allowance and turns out I still had 90% of my annual leave remaining — So I promptly booked 3 days off.


Let’s just get the football out of the way. Absolute pandemonium ensued when Harry Kane scored the other night, I couldn’t believe it, England were actually on their way to a major final.

Recently, I have been able to put some of the ‘project’ things on hold and spent more time with some of my direct reports. With objectives high on the agenda this month, I used this time to discuss how they could stretch themselves over the coming year.

I’ve been proud to see how this group has developed over the last 12 months. A large number of them had different roles/titles a year ago, in that time they’ve all navigated a sea of change in our department, utilised learning and development opportunities and haven’t been afraid to go outside their comfort…

It’s been one of those weeks where the weekend can’t come soon enough. I’ve been feeling quite frustrated, demotivated and somewhat absent-minded. I’ve been unable to focus in meetings and it’s taken me ages to complete tasks. I’ve been increasingly doubting myself in situations where previously I’d be confident and assured.

It could be due to challenges at work, where a lot is going on and I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads. …

Work is starting to pick up again this week following a relatively quiet one last week. My areas of focus were succession planning, team check-ins and more x-gov conversations with colleagues from DfE and Defra.


One important update I forgot to mention last week was that I got my first COVID vaccination! Massive shout out to the NHS staff at King George Hospital for running such a smooth operation 💙

Please visit the NHS website if you haven’t already and book your jab.

Another highlight was going on an actual date night in central London after an absolute eternity. The…

With school holidays this week, the ‘office’ has been a lot quieter, meaning less time in meetings and more time to tick things off the to-do list like writing this week note!

Nice weather in London


With the Bank Holiday weekend, I was finally able to invite friends over after what feels like an eternity. Best of all, we got to finally meet one of these lockdown babies for the first time. We all unanimously agreed, he had a smashing hairline for someone who just turned 3 months old.

X-Gov love

I’ve received really warm feedback from the x-gov community on the digital transformation post I…

For several months, we have been working on migrating a key service to a new Kubernetes platform. Whilst we have completed the security assessments and implemented protective monitoring, as we near the switchover date, there are a couple of things that kept me up at night:

We needed a way to build our confidence in the new platform by…

Reviewing processes and making tweaks can bring wide-ranging and longstanding benefits to a team

“One Way street sign beside road far at the mountain during daytime” by Nick Tiemeyer on Unsplash

I recently caught up with an old colleague of mine. We had a chat about our time working together; the great people we worked with and the impact our work made to the end users.

One of the things that we looked back on was the difficulty we had in delivering our sprints and how we went about changing it for the better.

In this post I’ll describe the processes we inherited, the obstacles we faced in bringing change and the positive results we achieved in time.

I was part of a large team who managed a business critical site…

Get a leg up on the competition on your next Digital Project Manager role with these interview questions, tips & general advice

In this post, I will walk you through my experience of the interview process for a Digital Project Manager, provide typical questions you’re likely to be asked and give you a few general pointers as well.

Interview Stages

The typical interview process for most roles takes place over 3 steps.

Phone Interview

At this stage, it’s really just about being polite and answering some general Project Management questions. You’ll also be asked to give a high-level overview of your experience and be given an introduction to the role and the company.

I’ve found that as you gain more experience, you tend to deal with…

Rumman Amin

Head of Delivery Profession. Digital Delivery & Transformation in Government. Prev @GDSTeam

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